Gulfstream G-400

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30/04/2013   RAS Completions wins Gulfstream Aerospace paint and refurbishment approval
30/10/2012   Gulfstream receives approval for new flight management system 6.1 for GIV, GVI-SP, G400, G300
22/06/2012   Gulfstream receives EASA and FAA approval for GV/GIV/GIV-SP/G400/G300 cockpit upgrade
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Ferry (no pax) range: 4166 nm Cruise speed: 500 kts
Full pax range: 3880 nm Typical passenger capacity: 13
Production dates: 2003 - 2004 Cabin height: 6.2 ft
Number active: 23 Cabin width: 7.3 ft
New price: Cabin length: 45.1 ft
Pre-owned value: $11,900,000-$12,900,000 Cabin volume: 1525 cu ft
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Charter operators

U.S.A. Advanced Air Management , Fair Wind Air Charter , Jet Source Charter , Mountain Aviation

Maintenance centres

Brazil Gulfstream Brazil
Hong Kong Jet Aviation Hong Kong , Metrojet
Israel Bedek Aviation Group
Japan Jamco Corp
Russia Jet Aviation Moscow Vnukovo
Singapore Jet Aviation Singapore
Spain Corjet Maintenance Europe
Switzerland AMAC Aerospace Switzerland , Jet Aviation Basel , Jet Aviation Geneva
U.K. Gulfstream Aerospace
U.S.A. Aviation Maintenance Group , Constant Aviation , Elite Aviation Jet Services , First Aviation Services (Landmark Aviation) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Appleton) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Brunswick) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Dallas) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Las Vegas) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Long Beach) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Savannah) , Gulfstream Aerospace (W Palm Beach) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Westfield) , Jet Aviation (St Louis) , Jet Source Charter , Mountain Aviation , Pentastar Aviation , PrivateSky Aviation Services , TechnicAir , TWC Aviation
United Arab Emirates Jet Aviation Dubai

Completions centres

U.S.A. Gulfstream Aerospace (Brunswick) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Long Beach) , Gulfstream Aerospace (Savannah) , PrivateSky Aviation Services


Aircraft specifications, fleet and value data compiled from a number of sources, including those published by Conklin & de Decker Aviation Information and Vref Aircraft Value Reference.


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